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Even if...

wages were increased it would do NOTHING to solve the structural problems of our currency caused by the creation of $QUADRILLIONS (many times the global GDP) of derivatives that were fraudulently created and sold to local governments and grandpa's and grandma's retirements.

To delay the ticking time bomb of eventual collapse of the $ caused by the derivatives, the Fed has been sending $trillions upon $trillions of freshly created new counterfeit $'s to foreign central banks since 2008.

It is the ability of the Fed to create new fake currency units in an unrestrained manner combined with the nearly 20 year con game of derivatives creation that is killing our economy and ability to create new wealth/jobs.

The frozen investment market and stagnating job creation is just a SYMPTOM of a non-free market enslaved by a fraudulent money system entering its end game in the face of extreme abuse.

To blame wages is just pure unadulterated Keynesian and Marxist nonsense and everything Ron Paul has stood against. If we had sound money and a free market then wages would take care of themselves.

Keep in mind ---> Money units are NOT wealth

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