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Comment: He just hasn't cracked yet. Try "The Fog of War"

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He just hasn't cracked yet. Try "The Fog of War"

Once he experiences learning a contrary truth, the doors are open.

I don't spend much time perpetuating doubt to those not open to it.
However, you can show undeniable historical corrections.

Instead of having him doubt you, have him hear it from the horses mouth.

I would show him one strong item at a time, starting with Vietnam and the idea that the north was siding with China or Russia for a communist take-over of south Vietnam.

RobertMcNamera says the correction himself, just a few years before he dies.

Show him an excerpt from "The Fog of War" at about 1-hour 18-minutes.

Here is an excerpt of this on YouTube:

Then, maybe his eyes may open to the fact that the people of our government are often just as dumb as everyone else, even at the top.