Comment: Three very substantial videos?

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Three very substantial videos?

You're gonna have to help me out here, because all I see in the original part of his OP are the videos of:

1) the penthouse collapse (which is support for the OPPOSITE of his conclusion and FOR demolition)

2) a NIST model simulation. (lol)

3) the interview with Scheuerman and Roberts where they seem to be in denial that serious explosions took place (which is contrary to other evidences)

They must not be aware of this where firefighters are on the phone and very, very loud explosion takes place and another firefighter runs up telling them "seven's exploding!"

They must not be aware of Barry Jennings account of the explosion PRIOR to the twin towers collapsing, that forced him and Hess from the sixth floor back up to the eighth floor.

They must not be aware of the countdown heard right before explosions and the collapse of wtc7.

Not regarding wtc7 specifically, but since they're making mockery of the idea of demolition, they must not be aware of the active thermitic material that was found in the wtc dust.

But I digress. Anyway, all I see in the original part of the OP are those three videos I listed. Where are the ~substantial~ ones to which you refer?