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US demand for natural gas has been fairly flat in the past, but according to Wikipedia, many studies from MIT, Black & Veatch and the DOE account for a larger portion being used for electricity and heat generation in the future. Ramping up natural gas production is now very much of interest because oil prices are high and natural gas can act as a substitute, as well as the fact that natural gas seems to produce less CO2 than coal or oil. It is not clear that the current natural gas pricing approach is up to handling this mismatch between supply and demand, because in many ways, natural gas is a drill-it-as-you-need-it product and our current market free-for-all does not recognize this. However, I feel quite sure that the market will naturally develop a new method of regulating the price of natural gas, based on the new level of interest, and that our society will soon enjoy the general use of this economically affordable and abundant source of power, as has been prophesied.

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