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Perhaps. Please add some other thoughts.

The constitution mentions 4 classes of "We The People."

  1. Political ~ to manage the common affairs of "We The People."
  2. Slave ~ to work for "We The People" which owned them.
  3. Free Press ~ to report to "We The People" in order to form a more perfect Union.
  4. Citizen ~ to include all membership.

"We The People" are "part of the Union."

Unions created collectives that later merged & became referred to as part of the middle class by the "Free Press." The notion of "Middle Class" seems a common reference by the "Free Press" to taxpayers. Avoid objectionable name calling when collecting taxes.

"Evaporating into thin" air is the natural consequence & resting place for "legal tender" created out of thin air" itself.

Union membership includes payment to a collective. That collective advocates for its best interests. Some of the victories they claim right to are:

  • Higher wages, sick leave, annual leave, maternity leave, eight hour work day & 40 hour work week.
  • Provide training. Set standards for excellence (see examples of "Master Piece" art & work in your local museums)
  • Safety rules & regulations.
  • Insurance (e.g.: Health; Worker's Compensation).

    I sincerely believe & hope unions do more good, than harm for us all... Further, that they continue to do so.

    By the way.

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