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Comment: Yeah, just like we won Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Yeah, just like we won Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you read the "NAZI UFO" websites, you will find that none of the technologies were refined enough until the war had been clearly lost. NAZI saucers were used for recon and carried very little armament until 1944, after Italy had surrendered and the Normandy landing, so the Germans were fighting on three fronts. Furthermore, day and night aerial bombing had reduced most of Germany's heavy industry to rubble, making it impossible to field the advanced, heavily armed saucers. Besides, who is to say the NAZIs did not win the war? Many NAZIs later served in leadership positions in governments. Prescott Bush, George's father, became a US Senator and Kurt Waldheim was UN Secretary General. Henry Ford and Walt Disney were both NAZI sympathizers, but that did not affect their success. Ron Paul has said himself that the Federal Reserve and Obamacare are fascist in nature and many of our laws, including the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act and the murder/indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA are modeled after NAZI legislation. Do not forget what President Eisenhower said about "preventive war," that it was something he would attribute to Hitler.

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