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Comment: More than One Context, Multiple Fronts

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More than One Context, Multiple Fronts

There are multiple fronts to a war.
The ideals may be solid, yet those ideals need to translate into some kind of action.

In the context of congress, an all or nothing approach for liberty leaves you with nothing, which is not a good way to make headway in the government game (the congressional context).

There are other ways to affect change, yet, regarding Rand, I think people are looking for someone to support that will at least push in the general direction of the liberty ideals.

The quick dismissal of people who aren't "in-it" all the way for liberty is a rejection that (if done to their face) may push people away from liberty lovers.

I think it is good to keep the doors open, even if there are few if any you would want to support or even speak with.

However, regarding personal ideals and beliefs, it's liberty all the way.
I just wish there was more of a sense of liberty momentum that Ron Paul was (is?) able to attract.