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Comment: The more we are being ignored, the more we need to care

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The more we are being ignored, the more we need to care

Many ignore us but in order for them to shake us off they need to confront us in discussion. That's precisely where we can win lots of minds over if we know how to justly articulate our common cause and make the case for Liberty. In other words, i think the more we are being ignored the more we need to really give a shit about people who we can help understand the idea of Liberty.

By seeking civil discussion and properly articulating the cause this could indeed spread like wildfires, no matter what in the world may be thrown at us. It's our ideas that win, if we can articulate them justly.

Btw, this is a worldwide thing but US-Americans have imo the most decent body of laws set up already as a virtually perfect condition for people to come together in this cause to bring lasting peace among mankind.

The Constitution exists already. But it needs to be fully respected by the people. Therefore our duty is to educate ourselves and others more than anything. It takes a lot of patience, but it is well worth it. Always win people over instead of turning them away, we have the winning arguments :)