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Thank you

Some folks say things better than I do:

Then there is the matter of conservative political practice. "Conservatives should be the party of judgment, not just of principles," he says. "Of course there are conservative principles—free markets, family values, a strong national defense—but those principles must be defended with the use of good judgment. Conservatives need to be intelligent, and they shouldn't use their principles as substitutes for intelligence. Principles need to be there so judgment can be distinguished from opportunism. But just because you give ground on principle doesn't mean you're an opportunist."

Ron Paul was ignored for decades, no one cared how Crazy Uncle Earnest voted.. and his last campaign, he was leaving, so he didn't care about a loyalty oath.. he stayed in all those years stealth.

There's nothing stealth about Rand. Either you will learn from him, and how to stay in the game, or your'e a cheerleader trying to tell the players how to win.. thanks.. and good luck doing it your way. When you gt a candidate that's not a Republican for congress, senate, please, let me know.