Comment: Wow - Fedup...thats some kick a$$ information

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Wow - Fedup...thats some kick a$$ information

Everyone should read that post too! I copied it to a word document and will be emailing it to several of my friends...a few who are "day traders"

I sure wish I knew 5-10 years ago what I have learned over the past several years, educating MYSELF online. I graduated from The University of South Carolina in 1989. I got a bachelors degree in Business Admin-Computer Science but I was taught NOTHING about REAL history, Money and Banking, The FED, The Orgins of Govt. NOTHING really about anything that matters. I mostly drank a lot and chased skirts. I wouldn't have gone to college at all if my Dad had not INSISTED that I get a freaking degree...and he paid for it so I just wasted 4 years being young. (it was actually a good time but just a waste)

Its ironic that I'm probably better off having essentially learned nothing in college (other than what I absolutely had to in order to maintain a C average) than I would be if I had studied and "learned" all the crap they were "teaching" us :0