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Comment: It's a scary thing. Some

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It's a scary thing. Some

It's a scary thing. Some people are less able to face uncomfortable truths.

Really the ridiculous, and dangerous, thing to assume is the government _wouldn't_ do such a thing since there are numerous times we know governments did. Get him toe read President Hoover's book, recently released, "Freedom Betrayed". Or is a president not a credible enough source?

Whether 9/11 was such a case, the foolish thing is to have blind faith in anything other than your creator. Even if the government didn't do 9/11 the scientific thing would be to assume the null case. In the case of governments that is they are up to no good, unless you have proof otherwise.

States are avaricious entities by their nature. If you see an eviscerated person next to a tiger, you should assume the tiger did it unless you have video proof otherwise. That is not 'jumping to conclusions'.

Just so with governments.