Comment: California's parallel universes

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California's parallel universes

I won't comment on this hidden fund because I know nothing about it. However, I once took a 'shortcut' from Red Bluff, CA en route to Eureka based on a secondary road as shown on a AAA map. The road became narrower as I went along. Eventually, I had to open and shut a couple of ranch gates that crossed the road and ford a shallow creek before getting back to Highway 36. In that distance of maybe 30 miles, it seemed longer, I didn't see one house. Just a couple of old camper trailers presumably for seasonal ranch employees. This wasn't the crowded California one sees from superhighways. This was huge expanses of privately owned unpopulated space.

There is an artificial shortage of land in California controlled by zoning and differential tax rates. While so many Californians stress themselves out to purchase a small property, there are still huge areas of private property to be meted out. The planners and the landlords behind them wouldn't have it any other way.