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Ok, let's see…

Anita Dittman is a Messianic Jew, not Christian. Also not murdered, not tortured, not experimented on. Not one of the brighter holohoaxers, but then you don't need to appeal to common sense with these stories, just raw emotion. Her narrative follows the established holocaust™ story that six million died. Claims she was sent to a "concentration camp" (doesn't say which camp), located in a cow barn where she slept on straw and sang Christmas Carols (conveniently evoking images of Jesus in the manger). Claims she narrowly escaped hours from being exterminated after she was let out to get supplies for the camp. You do see the problem with this, don't you?

I couldn't find much about Helmut Ziefle, but he does not appear to have been tortured or experimented on, and is still alive. He wrote one book called "One Woman Against the Reich". I'll let the book's description speaks for itself:

"While no one suffered under Hitler more than the Jews, truly committed Christians found themselves facing two terrible alternatives: conform to or be consumed by the monstrous political ambitions and genocidal blood lust of the Third Reich."

Wow, sounds like that book isn't given to sensationalism at all. /sarcasm

As for Diet Eman and Corrie Ten Boom, they were both resistance fighters who were sent to prison for hiding Jews (who were considered political dissidents) from arrest and deportation. I couldn't find any mention of either of these women being tortured or experimented on, and they certainly weren't killed. Boom died at 91 years of age. Eman is still alive at 92.

I would also like to point out that individuals harboring jews or providing some pro-jewish service does not offer proof that the Nazis attempted to exterminate jews.