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Please do not consider it hate. This nation has been on a wrong course for a century. It is on its last leg before r3VOLution becomes revolution.

Speaking for myself: I do not dislike Rand. He has many good qualities. As I have said in another post, I looked forward to after election when we all could participate in open discussion, create great comparison sheets of ALL potential candidates based upon facts/records, and FULLY VET a candidate that we could all agree on.

Ron hasn't even started his college speaking tour yet, which he may begin in January. It is the youth vote, an entire generation that will be needed to save this Republic, and to win an election. Based upon that, I have hope for Justin Amash, who can rake in that youth vote, True Conservatives and Liberty-minded folks. Justin is making waves, and is on the horizon.

But again, I do not discount Rand. I believe that Rand, Justin, Massie, and others should all be vetted equally. It may be wishful thinking, but I also hope that once Ron begins speaking, WE the r3VOLution would have the numbers to select the candidate that WE want, not the establishment. That is, after all, what the Constitution defines.

We need to respect ALL of our allies, but we need to vet and hold them accountable too :-)

PS: 'A Real Conservsative' may possibly be a shill. This is only my opinion. I state this because of his posts, and imo, he is making trouble where there is no reason to do so. Such as this thread.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul