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The reason why Luther carved

"This IS my Body" on the table was to point down at the material world. The material flesh which God has promised. That communion is not a rising to feast on Christ in Heaven as if Jesus is chained and could not be freed from Heaven. (where this is in Scripture we don't know) Calvin and Zwingli formed basically an ecumenical pact.

Zwignli was like Bill Clinton before Bill Clinton in redefining what the word 'is' is. Honestly, Luther did the right thing.

The Radical Reformation razed beautiful Churches and destroyed icons for, in my opinion, no reason whatsoever. So, no wonder Catholic rulers threw down the hammer on them. To me if you really hate icons, take down all the pictures of your family, remove your computer, oh and that huge Church building is also an idol half the time to people.

" In 1531 Zwingli’s alliance applied an unsuccessful food blockade on the Catholic cantons. The cantons responded with an attack at a moment when Zurich was badly prepared. Zwingli was killed in battle at the age of 47."

Doctrines like Manifest Destiny also spring out of the Reformed Tradition (God wants the US to grow). So, as much as everyone is praising Zwingli and Calvin for getting 'religion out of the governing sphere', it was Luther's Two Kingdom's Doctrine which the Separation of Church and State is based on. Basically the two can conflux, but cannot be one. The Church and the State have to interact in society so there will be times when one touches the other (such as taxes, using government protections, and so on). Zwingli and Calvin basically set up republican theocracies in Geneva and elsewhere. The Catholic Church for the most part was not a Theocracy, but a competing institution with the State. One could appeal to the Pope if the King was wrong for instance or visa versa if the Pope or the King were weak politically at the time.

Lutherans have basically in America speak 'German' and cannot communicate effectively with Protestants. Unfortunately, Lutherans have adopted many American Protestant ways. There is a trend that I wish to capture that is going to reverse this and bring back true confessional Lutheranism. This IS my Body, and This IS my Blood is one step in that process.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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