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Comment: As you say, we are living in the New Testament.

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As you say, we are living in the New Testament.

Then we will go back to Ananias and Sapphira. They were slaughtered just like they were still in the Old Testament, without hesitation, mercy, or even a chance to redeem themselves. Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection meant nothing for their fate. Ergo, Jesus died for all mankind except for those two who were not redeemable. Even those wretched money-changers in the Temple were not struck down like this couple was. The Almighty must have momentarily lapsed back into His Old Testament ways of immediate justice just long enough to kill them instead of saying "go and sin no more" like He said to the prostitute. So God was a brutal God in the Old Testament, killing babies, pregnant women, and kids, but sometimes not the virgins. Then in the New Testament by the sacrifice made by Christ, He is now reconciled as a God of peace, except for those two meaningless little people, Ananias and Sapphira, who held back a little money. The Almighty had no other way to deal with them except to kill them.

It is astounding to me that the inconsistency with the taking these two people's lives is not also astounding to you. This story was written by some priest who wanted to scare everyone into not holding back any money from the church for fear of also being struck down. I do not believe that God committed this nor any other violent act that is ascribed to Him. People committed these crimes against humanity in the name of God in an attempt to justify the slaughtering, raping, and pilfering. If someone told me to kill in the name of God, I would immediately know they that were not conveying any secret revelation from God.