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Hort you just stumbled across a Truth

In reality, Reformed and Roman Catholics are not as different as commonly believed. They both use primarily a magisterial use of Scripture rather than a ministerial.

Roman Catholics use Transubstantiation as the 'reason' behind the Lord's Supper. Calvin though Christ was bound in Heaven. That the finite pieces of bread could not contain God. Thus, the two branches use reason above scripture. Of course Zwingli and Calvin signed a joint document that said that Communion was a medieval superstition (sound familiar) so any 'differences' on Calvin and Zwingli are moot as both signed a joint confession of faith. Feast in Heaven becomes only symbolical. I commonly say that Reformed use sola scriptura in so far as reason dictates.

People who burn out on Reformed Christianity either go in two directions, direct Apostasy (Paganism: like the speaking in tongues Charismatics or Atheism) or back to Rome. Those are the trends. Lutheranism never considered to be a choice if indeed we are 'not so different'. I wonder why?

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May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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