Comment: I hope you are right!

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I hope you are right!

I have a sister 16 years younger than I who was born in 1979. When my mom went to our family doc, he asked her if she wanted to go thru with the pregnancy. That was 6 years after Roe v Wade. It really surprised my mom. The rest of us kids were born in the 60's. The doc never asked her that question when she was carrying us. I suppose since she would be 36 when the baby was born, her health was a know, maybe the doc would get sued if he didn't ask her and if she ran into trouble...who knows these days with all the insurance and litigation rules.

Who knows what will be allowed under Obama care:

I think Ron Paul advocates a morning after pill in the case of rape, and I could also see the mother's life being an issue. Right now the mother's mental health comes into play so the margins are wide.

I really appreciate your time and replies.