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I don't think you fully understand Calvinism or the fundamental level at which logic operates.

What you said about single sided predestination is not really all that different from what Calvinism says, the distinction is that in Calvinism, it's acknowledged that people are totally depraved, that there are none who do good, and none who seek God, as it says in Romans 3. If it is said that God condemns people to hell in Calvinism, it is because of their sin and nothing else. To accuse Calvinism of saying that God predestines people to hell in the same sense that he predestines to heaven, that they have no choice in the matter is along the lines of the error of equal ultimacy. People choose to sin, so they choose hell. The concept of double predestination is a logical argument which necessarily follows from predestination of people to Heaven. If God knows who he will choose, he also knows who he will not choose, and the ones that aren't chosen go to Hell because of their sin, and in John 6:44 Jesus says no one comes to him unless the father draws them. In philosophy, there is nothing more basic than logic, law of identity, law of excluded middle, etc. To say that scripture could disagree with logic gives a low view of scripture, and flies in the face of biblical inerrancy. Here is a good explanation of what double predestination in calvinism is and isn't: