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I do not give up either, not

I do not give up either, not for myself. I do not choose evil OR the lesser of evil. I do not desire to be represented by another, not by Ron Paul, not by any other man/woman. I do not desire to be represented, I only desire to be myself for myself.

This is why I do not vote. I have tried to convince others of the same, but no one seems to understand that voting and putting others in positions of Authority to control their lives is the problem, not WHO is in office, but that THEY are in office, whether THEY be evil or the lesser of evil.

Again, as long as WE desire MEN to govern us, WE WILL be governed by Evil, or by the lesser of Evil. Only those who are governed by themselves are at Liberty. Why does the Liberty Movement continue to Vote in favor of being Governed?

Unlimited Government is Evil, Limited Government is the lesser of Evil. And yet NO ONE in the Liberty Movement wants to vote for the Lesser of Evil??? YOU PEOPLE MAKE NO SENSE TO ME. You desire Limited Government, yet seemingly REFUSE to vote for it.

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