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"The Radical Reformation razed beautiful Churches and destroyed icons for, in my opinion, no reason whatsoever. "

What about Zwingli's poor table vandalized by Luther? ;)

"To me if you really hate icons, take down all the pictures of your family, remove your computer, oh and that huge Church building is also an idol half the time to people."

Do you talk to pictures of your family, kiss them, bow to them and venerate them every time you pass? I think Zwingli's take was that he took the ten commandments literally when it said not to make or serve graven images of things in heaven.

"Doctrines like Manifest Destiny also spring out of the Reformed Tradition (God wants the US to grow)."

Can you demonstrate this with some sort of evidence? At first glance it seems an unfair statement to say, because of the negative things which happened under Manifest Destiny which go against the teachings of Calvin and Zwingli