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Comment: All government becomes evil.

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All government becomes evil.

The poor man walking down the street minding his own business who gets his head bashed in because another person believed him to be a vagrant, did not like his skin color or the clothes that he was wearing, or just wanted all of his money. And the same person does it again.

The Constitution outlines god/God given rights, or rights by nature.

Do not INFRINGE, as outlined above. So, limited government, one defined by Liberty, is needed for humans to understand that they may not infringe upon another. Complete utopia is moot, but to abandon limited government all together would abandon my natural born right to not be infringed. Thus enslaved.

My hope of Ron Paul as president was single-threaded; to utilize Executive Order, which is granted by the Constitution, to eliminate all non-Constitutional Executive Orders, signed by previous presidents. Well, that along with auditing the Fed, since it is the source, and it also involves MY hard-earned dough.

To not vote utlimately allows some majority to prevail. As long as we live on this far from perfect world [non-utopian], we must do what we can do to protect our natural-given rights. This requires more than one.

Of course there is local which is more important, and then the individual which is most important, as you have outlined above.

You are intelligent enough to understand the rest of where I am going with this.

TxRedneck, now that I have read your post, I know now that you are a really good guy :-)

Oh, one more thing: you must vote.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul