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Comment: I'm afraid it may be a lost least for now

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I'm afraid it may be a lost least for now

I'm lucky in that my husband and I are on the same page. Our other family members (save one) however are not. No amount of convincing has worked. No matter what approach we have tried, nothing has worked. We've approached them on small subjects, gently. We've approached them with large subjects and loads of evidence. We've shown video's, interviews, and documents, but all to no avail.

I've come to realize that you can't reach someone who doesn't want to be reached. You have to understand that some of us are limited by fear. It just may be that your husband can't handle the idea that the government could have been so corrupt for such a long of time. Most of us grew up with a sense of security in our form of government and reasonable amount of trust for the people who run it. The idea that there would be those that would kill a multitude of their own people to further a political agenda, that our government is over run, and that it's rampant with treasonous individuals is too much for a lot of people to take. It's simply too overwhelming and the idea overcomes people with a feeling of panic and even hopelessness.

Bottom line, people would rather deny the truth and live on in a false security than to face the reality we live in. In fact they would rather fight you and call you names than to consider the info you give them. Just as there are those who can't face facts, there are others like you who can't turn away from them. I'm one of those. I want to turn away but I simply can't.

So what can you do? Nothing. You can stand your ground and not let him call you crazy but you can also leave him be the way he wants to be. There may come a day that a switch gets turned on within him and he will be able to hear the evidence. Until that time, the more you try to reach him the more he will struggle not to hear it.

It's like that old fable of the wind and the sun in a contest to get a man to take off his coat. The harder the wind blows the tighter the man holds onto his coat. Only the passive sun by shining bright was able to let the man decide for himself to remove his own coat.

Good luck to you.