Comment: These are all great sources

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These are all great sources

I have ordered from a few listed below. Also, I go to a Gold buyer place that you see on every street corner these days and ask if they have any bullion on hand. For me in the Houston area it's Regal Gold buyer. I have devoted a good relationship with the management and sometimes on payday I'll swing by and pick up a few eagles or whatever they have on hand. I can't speak for all of those shady places but this one is very discreet and sells for $2-$3 over spot for premium and $1-$2 over spot generic depending on how many OZ you get. This way you have silver in hand same day opposed to waiting for it in the mail and paying shipping. Again I can't speak for other stores but you might be able to find one in your area that will sell to you and turn a small profit as they probably just purchased the bullion that day for a few bucks under spot.. Another benefit I've found to doing it this way is that when I try to save up for a larger online purchase something else may come up before I can make the purchase whereas just buying a few OZ on payday ensures that I am always adding to my post apocolyptic get out of town fund... Good luck.

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