Comment: Obvious why Hemp has been illegal

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Obvious why Hemp has been illegal

Because you can make everything out of it that you can with oil. Petro oil is what gives the banking cartel power because they have a monopoly on it. Research the Rockefellers and their control over this nation. You can squeeze oil out of the hemp seeds and make methanol from the stalks. If people started making their own hemp oil the price of gas would go down drastically and it would not longer go to the elite who set their own prices and rape us at the pumps. There are over 25,000 known products you can make with it and its sustainable. It can grow wild just about anywhere and doesn't need any pesticides. The first cars including Henry Fords Model T ran on hemp oil before the Rockefellers and Hearst bamboozled people into using petro oil. You can run any Diesel car on hemp oil. If you can find any viable hemp seeds let me know where you get them. I've been looking to buy some online but its almost impossible.

I know rand has been getting a lot of slack lately but if he can get hemp legalized in Kentucky that would be his savior. There's a good movie on netflix called "Hempsters: Plant the Seed " check it out. And no I'm not a pot smoker or a hippy, I'm just a Ron Paul fanatic.