Comment: because your entertainment may become the gullible's gospel

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because your entertainment may become the gullible's gospel

If you understand the sock puppet narrator really means it when he says "I'm not saying this is true", great, I've no worry for you.

I worry about those who thought mermaids were real after watching a docufiction.
Or those who think there are monoliths on the moon, or that it's hollow after misinterpreting a quote, or that we never went there.
Or those who think the ISS is a hologram.
Or those who don't know how much they're assuming when they claim they can prove no planes hit any buildings on 9/11.
Or those who think just because they heard a heavily-edited speech third-hand they know its context first-hand.
Or those who read something that sounds good to them, therefore it is true.
Or those who think large-livered, armpit-hearted, psychic reptilians regularly eat kids in New York, because someone was told about them.
Arguably the source of all problems is miscommunication, if you step far enough back. So I wouldn't want to spread what I know to be false.

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