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Guess what the Japanese were planning an invasion not an attack

The Japanese were planning to invade Hawaii first because the two US aircraft carriers were stationed there. Had they been met with a lot of firepower the message might not have been conveyed that they weren’t there, and they would have continued the invasion. The real incident was when Hitler decided to bomb the provinces instead of London Churchill kept it secret so as not to tip off the Nazis that their code was broken.

If this was on purpose I thank Roosevelt for it, More recently if the CIA and more than one US state department official decided to cool Muslim anger by blaming it on the rioters killing an American loved by many Muslims, I thank them for saving at least hundreds of Americans and very many more Muslims in tit for tat violence. If they had infiltrated the terror cell and decided to let it happen hoping the safe house would be safe from any bullet attack, I thank the Ambassador for giving his life in pursuit of victory over al Qaeda or maybe even actually chose to die in pursuit of peace with the Muslims. All the dead Americans relatives knew that there loved one’s weren’t in more danger than they wanted to be.

In Philly PA RichardKanePA