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No. You see when I say I'm

No. You see when I say I'm WILL NOT under any circumstance vote for Evil OR the lesser of Evil, I mean just that. I WILL NOT VOTE. Period.

You people that love the Constitution, you love limited government. You love the lesser of Evil. Yet you claim that you will never vote for the lesser of Evil.

The Liberty movement claim to support free markets. Yet your beloved constitution gives government the right to regulate trade, gives government the right to set the value of money, to create unlimited debt for which the People are responsible, and to tax the People to pay this debt. This document of "freedom" gives government the right to suppress insurrection which is to limit any revolution. It establishes Habeas Corpus, BUT, Habeas Corpus can be suspended in case of rebellion (revolution), or just to support the public's safety, of course this "safety" is determined by the State. The right to take private land...

The very things that this Liberty movement claims to be against, while at the same time insisting that this document must be amazes me.

No. I will not vote for anyone that supports this document. Nor will I vote for anyone who violates it after swearing to uphold it.

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