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Yeah like that but I've been trying to think of more affordable

methods, the PayPal founders haven't started yet also the competition for a spot on one of those rigs would be huge...

I've been trying to think of a more affordable way, where we average people could make our own flotilla's live independently. But join them up with people we would like to have as neighbours live by agreed rules, or agree to live by none ect. Preferable in calm sea's and good weather.

I've come up with these , they can be brought for as little as $70 a piece. They are pneumatic fenders for shipping each one as long as 20ft at that price not even bulk order and can be found larger and smaller. They are designed to withstand massive forces, hard to penetrate but filled with will closed cell foam even if they do. Chained together like in the picture you could have the floating material to build a platform 40 foot by 80ft for as little as $1000. One large platform would be liable to break with waves but one hard surface over each rubber fender or pairs. Perhaps with flexible material in-between would allow the structure to move with the waves. Calm seas would be needed and possible storm shelter too... But hopefully crops could be grown in green houses.

What do you guys think? I'm looking to publicise the idea maybe set up a Youtube account. Explore other peoples ideas potential problems and solutions ect.