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Phase 3: Make fun of squid

My technical qualifications are limited to computer science. Yea, I know, computer science has absolutely NOTHING to do with the topic at hand. However, I never claimed to be an expert (or even a novice for that matter) on matters related to mechanical engineering, explosives, or anything else having to do with blowing up, melting, or magically making buildings disappear. As a matter of a fact, I’m not so sure that it takes any type of “credentials” to support my argument that the government is too incompetent to have pulled off such a massive operation. On the other hand, to claim that the buildings could not have been toppled by two aircraft (traveling fairly fast and filled to the brim with jet fuel) and that, instead, the ONLY explanation could be controlled demolitions (like so many relentlessly claim in posts here and elsewhere) is a pretty big leap when so many of those stating this theory as fact are, for example, construction workers, toll-booth operators, furniture salesmen (you get my point). So, to question my qualifications (somewhat angrily I might add) is a bit silly.

OK, so you’re a former construction worker that spent years as an enlisted man in the Navy achieving the rank of E-7. I’m not very impressed with your credentials either. Worked with metals? What exactly does that mean and how, pray tell, does it have anything to do with your attack against me or whether or not a bumbling government blew up some big buildings? By the way, I’ve worked with metals too. I’ve cut stuff with my Dremel tool. LOL

I’m sure that you enjoy tossing words/phrases like “ad-hominem” around to make you think that you’re smart but, I’m not too sure that it applies to me/my posts. All that I’ve done is make a statement about being bored to death with the whole "government tried to blow up New York so that Bush could kill Sadam and start WWIII" topic and state a belief that the government is too inept to have pulled it off and THEN defend against all of those that came out of their basements to attack me and call to question my "qualifications".