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I completely understand

That is exactly how I felt. Plenty folks will tell you that about me.. plenty folks here, including MN are "dissappointed" that I would join the GOP, become a national delegate, get a committee seat, and vote Romney to keep that seat..

Once I went to a committee meeting I thought: You gotta be ucking kidding me. This is it? This is what I was so bent out of shape about the GOP? I don't miss meetings now, and I make an effort to educate, and I have some success on getting liberty votes.. which is great.., it used to take me years to do what I can do in months.

You see, all those people who aren't going to buy the rEVOLution in the GOP, have alraeady bought the blue pill and they don't know it.. I didn't know it until I went to a meeting. They will never go to a meeting. That is their mistake, not mine. That is why elections are rigged, they remain outside protesting.. like George Carolin says. they don't car3e about you, so waste your time sign waving. And I'm going to stay in with Rand and eventually, mich sooner than anyone outside.. we will win. It's a fight,, we fight them and we fight those who agree with our fight, but not the arena Ron Paul picked, the GOP.

Only regret I have is not joining the GOP in 07.