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There were no seats found, no luggage, and no airplane parts bigger than a toaster oven. HOW could the NIST report explain the total obliteration of 30 tons of metal airplane, yet be able to identify human remains and have ANYTHING to perform a DNA analysis on?
Recall in your mind (cause I don't know where to find it, other than during the film 'Zeitgeist')the photo of the men in shirts and ties walking through the grass and through the hole in the building collecting all evidence..and the one photo of a man carrying a fan hub. It looks to be about 2 feet across. A 757's fan is about 10ft...and a cruise missle doesn't have's got a rocket motor (I think). At that time a Global Hawk had a fan motor that would be about that size...pack the nosecone with stuff that goes BOOM and remote-fly it in there! That could explain why a couple GHs were missing from the inventory sheet...the sheet that was blown up along with any other evidence of DoD's "missing" $2.3T.
Recall also the photos of the light poles along the freeway directly in the flight path (as seen in 'In Plane Sight')...they're still standing just after the jet flew through them.
I'm sorry fireant, but try-as-I-might, I just can't seem to see how your arguments on this topic hold any water. There's just waaay too much empirical evidence that suggests no passenger airplane crashed in PA or at the Pentagon. So again, what happened to the REAL people on the REAL flights that took off?

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