Comment: Gary Franchi responds to Rev PAC money wasted by getting wasted

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Gary Franchi responds to Rev PAC money wasted by getting wasted

Gary Franchi responds to Rev PAC money being wasted by leaving his wife for a 21 year old stripper, buying a convertible sports car, getting a gat and a crew, burying his face in blow and screaming SO LONG SUCKERS into the camera like an angry powdered donut. Franchi is reportedly on his way to Vegas to join in talks with MC Hammer and Vanilla ice, the objective being an all new fashion line with the sole intent to being back parachute pants. In the words of Franchi, "it's time baby, it's time".

(edit) oh come on stop negging me you humourless ninnygigs. I just PMd the above to Gary as a joke. Let's lighten this up guys, it looks like yet another issue some of us are just gonna have to agree to disagree on. There's no law in my book that you have to like Gary or think his stuff is good. And that single factor don't stop you from being good with me.

Having said that, I have credible evidence that everything I said above is absotively and posolutely factually and insubstantially correct. Mother Goose.

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