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First off

When you say "Feasts in the Hebrew religious calendar" it indicates a certain lack of understanding since there are no other Feasts or Feast days prescribed in Scripture. You could differentiate by saying Scriptural Holy Days as opposed to worldly holidays. Secondly you keep saying "Yeshua" as if that were Messiahs real Name which does show movement closer to the truth but still falls short. The Name is Yahshua. Acts 7:45, Hebrews 4:8. But we are not debating the Name. :-)

To many people think the word "fulfill" means to put an end to. If I fulfill the law that I should love my neighbor, does that mean that law is done away with and now I don't have to love my neighbor? Of course not. Even Yahshua Himself said that "not one jot or tittle will pass from the law." yet He fulfilled the law. Fulfillment of the law was one of His main objectives and besides being necessary for Him to meet the requirements to be our sacrifice it was also to show us what true lawfulness is and to be a pattern for us to follow as opposed to the Pharisaical example of lawfulness. Christianity does not do as He did so there example is useless as well?

I agree that the Spring Feasts have been "fulfilled" but there is no evidence of fulfillment of the Autumn Feasts by His birth or baptism in Scripture so that is purely speculation so I can not attempt to confirm or deny.

I agree that the Day of Trumpets will be fulfilled on His return and the first resurrection. But the day of Atonement does not fit in with a Jubilee since it is a day of affliction. And although I do believe that our sojourning here may be represented by Feast of Tabernacles in the overall picture there remains a fulfillment of the "Ingathering" and it will definitely be in the kingdom along with His other Sabbaths. Remember that the symbols and Feasts given to Israel are shadows of the Heavenly and the Heavenly things like Yahweh Himself do not change.

I do not see how the New Jerusalem can come down where Israel is now when this earth will be destroyed and New Jerusalem is for the new earth. So I can't say I believe in the dispensationalist teaching you refer to. Surely you don't think the Kingdom can be on this earth as polluted as man has and is making it. That is why this earth must be destroyed for the new. And that will not happen until the end. His Kingdom cannot exist on this earth.

Your last two sentences bother me. The Kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom and if you have ever received the earnest of the spirit then you have tasted the kingdom but we are not in that kingdom because the physical cannot inherit the spiritual. And the physical cannot accomplish the spiritual fulfillment. And if you are saying that religion as in Scriptural obedience is not necessary then I disagree. Repentance and obedience are absolutely necessary and that is the reality of salvation. Keeping His Holy Days is not religion but is obedience and the disobedient do not inherit the Kingdom. We cannot make up our own rules and expect to win.

Thanks for sharpening my sword a little bit for me though.