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I think 2013 will be the Mayan calendar

started all over again. It is like our modern day calendar, cyclical.

We have reached the end of the long cycle and will start again, as the solar system continues on its path around the galaxy.

The old Mayan calendar is based on the 26000 year cycle of precession. We have reached a point where the Earth, Sun, Galactic center line up for the December 21st 2012 winter solstice. This happens once about every 26000 years.

The Atlanteans had knowledge of astronomy and taught the basic big picture to the Mayans of South America and the Hindus of India, and probably also to Egypt and others in the Middle East. Now we have enough knowledge of astronomy to make our own calendar.

Check this out for pictures and explanations.
Start at page 6 for a diagram of the cycle. According to the Mayan and Hindu calendars we are about to enter a golden age of man, and also an area of the Galaxy that will shower the solar system in positive energy, which will increase human consciousness and intelligence.