Comment: Phase 4: Continue mocking Squid

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Phase 4: Continue mocking Squid

Did you serve your country or just the masters in charge of the Imperial Armies of Amerika, Squid? I don't think you were serving me (even though I was helping, unwillingly, to pay your salary). Nor do I (today) think that I "served my country" when I was a young paratrooper. Oh yea, I thought I was "serving my country" back then but, alas, I know better now.

BTW, Squid, don't you just LOVE repeating (with emphasis) a person's name when you're trying to be a smart ass. Sort of like the whole drill sergeant poking a private in the chest for emphasis while yelling at him thing right? Yea, uhm, that does not really have any affect on me Squid...