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Perfectly Understandable

To be honest, I'm not sure if down votes do suppress posts in any way but this thread has a lot of negative votes (in the 90's if I remember correctly) and yet there are over 9 pages worth of comments. In other words, people *are* discussing it (and thus, it's *not* being suppressed).

Your point about investing time in unprovable things rather than doing things that you want to do is a legitimate one by the way. I think it's a personal decision where each person has to decide how much they value "trying to understand how the world really works" vs "doing the things they would've done with that time otherwise". Everyone has to strike their own balance.

I like that you keep an open mind about the whole thing by the way. To me that's the only thing that makes sense because if you're confident in your position then you should be willing to hear alternative views. Also it would be inaccurate for someone to call themselves a "truther" if they were obstinate and stuck in a single point of view. If new evidence came out that show something contrary to someone's prior opinion then they should be open-minded to that. Or else they're not a "truther" but rather a biased observer.