Comment: kjl89 says that my God sounds like a monster

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kjl89 says that my God sounds like a monster

Here is what I say to you and those who say as you do:

If you were standing before a judge, knowing you are guilty of many crimes, such as murder, robbery, rape, and or whatever else, you should be in great fear, and would be in great fear, as he is about to rightfully pronounce sentence upon you for all your wicked crimes.

Whether he sends you to the deepest, darkest dungeon, or to the electric chair, he is NOT a monster for doing so, but just and right.

It is YOU who are the monster!

This truth of sin in all mankind, is what mankind tries to pass off as something that is not true and so they invent these arguments such as evolution, they deny the One True and Living God, to foolishly make themselves feel better about it all but that will not do them any good on that great and notable day when the Judge of the universe judges them for their unbelief in His Son whom He sent for those who would believe on Him, that they may be washed and cleansed of all their filth and wickedness.

He will try them for each and every sin they have wickedly committed and then send them to their eternal damnation which they deserve.

You still have time to repent and call upon the only One who can forgive you for all your sins, or you can stubbornly remain in them and soon experience what it is that many have been warning you about as God has commanded us to do.

Time is getting very short!


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~