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Comment: What the defense wants matters somewhat less

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What the defense wants matters somewhat less

than what the JUDGE wants, I fear. I was registered Libertarian for over 30 years, and though I was called for jury service several times, I was never once picked for a jury panel -- I never saw the inside of a courtroom as a prospective juror. Probably a coincidence. Then in 2007 I changed my voter registration to Republican, and the very next year I was called for jury duty and selected for a jury panel. Probably just another coincidence. Then the lawyers and judge got into the voir dire, and the judge asked the potential jurors about their opinions of the law the defendant was accused of breaking (loitering with intent to commit prostitution), their opinions about the credibility of cops in general, and our willingness to "accept the law as I give it to you." Anyone with libertarian leanings, distrust of cops or knowledge of jury nullification was quickly removed from the panel. Including me. Such is our "liberty and justice for all." You're SURE you want to be a lawyer?

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