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Comment: I think it IS a mental illness, just as homosexuality is. Both

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I think it IS a mental illness, just as homosexuality is. Both

are unnaturual sexual practices. And to those who argue that there are some homosexual giraffes observed occasionally, I would argue "Sure, and male lions sometimes kill all the cubs, for the attention of the female. Would that be okay for humans too?"

The probelm with classifying a mental illness as a crime akin to the worst kind of murder - is that it tends to be fatal for our children.

Okay, suppose a mentally defective sexual deviant does something awful to a child. If you can assume for one second that it is a mental illness you can see what's happening here. He gives in to his mental illness - he does something terrible. Now what?

The deed is already done. Now he fears the consequences. If the child talks - he stands to go to prison for the rest of his life. In some states he stands to be executed. Nobody wants that.

There is only one sure way he knows of to make SURE the child doesn't talk, and that is to kill the child. So he does.

In certain types of sexual assault, the child stands a better than 95% of being killed, just because the deviant can't risk the child talking.

Personally, if I had a young daughter and she was raped, I would still want her back. I would want the laws written in such a way that the deviant would let the child live in return for a reduced sentence - and not to try and force his hand into killing her. make him see that there is an AVANTAGE to keeping the child alive. Becuase the way the law is written now, there is no avantage. Only disadvantage to the deviant. And that results in killed victims.

The way I see it, laws that punish sexual assualt of a child identically to the ways murderers ae punished, MUST be written by people who think a sexually assaulted child is worthless and better off dead. And THATS sick.