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Comment: Sure, I believe it.

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Sure, I believe it.

The "or others" being "protected" by the laws are all the folks who benefit from the drug laws: the prison-industrial complex, big pharma, the DEA, CIA, all the banks that launder drug money, all the politicians and "law enforcers" who are paid off by narco traffickers to keep drugs illegal and their profits high. And let's not forget all the authoritarian control freaks who need the drug war as an excuse to snoop through all our financial transactions and private conduct. It's THEIR interests being protected. Our liberty is their enemy, against which they need protection.

They don't make laws like this for pure meanness -- someone ALWAYS benefits. I think it was Robert Burns who wrote: "Hero's fall is worms' feast."

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose