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Comment: HAH!

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I'm not apologizing for disagreeing with a group of people just because they get angry and start bashing me for daring to disagree.

Insulting? Are you blind? My most recent posts contain some MILD insults but they only began after the zombies came out and starting using words like "ignorant" and "lazy" and asking stupid questions like "But you believe some cave dwelling, lap dance craving bozos
planned and executed it?". And, I would be willing to bet money that when Squid wakes up and checks my replies to him, his next post will be TOTALLY bent (LOL LOL).

The number of down-votes are not what drives my replies/posts. No, it's the angry reaction to my dissention – the way that some of you get SO freakin’ shaken up for someone DARING to disagree.

My ORIGINAL purpose was to make a statement (just like everyone
else). My NEW purpose is to mock you dorks because of the way that some of you acted when I posted MY thoughts.

If you find my posts "obnoxious", I suggest that you stop reading them and/or grow up. Either way, I SURELY will not apologize to you goof-balls...