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Interesting question i'd never thought to ask

Now if I was gonna take a guess at his response it would be along the lines of the partisan sham and the illusion of choice. Most of us know this, all of us know this. But I was there for the history and can say more.

Aaron decided to support Ron Paul and he dedicated his organization (all of us at the time) to support him with our WHOLE HEART AND STRENGTH. And this was not a "popular" decision, it was a dictatorial one on his part. Top-down was Aaron's style. What else do you expect from a tough Brooklyn jew turned into a Hollywood film producer and director?


Now again for anyone in the game at that time, THE HUE AND CRY WENT UP AND CONTINUED LIKE HOWLING WOLVES AT NIGHT, ALL NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT because the movie AFTF drew in UNPRECEDENTED AMOUNTS OF LEFTISTS AND CROSSOVERS. A success unrivalled in history since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. himself.

But we lost a LOT of blood in that fight. That very nearly destroyed AFTF and RTR right there. Lines were drawn, friends became enemies, that feeling we had of family and forward momentum was broken and only a percentage came through it intact as an organization.

So now I can in fact speak for both me and Gary. Personally we support the RP effort but even if we weren't, we are both DUTY BOUND TO DO SO. We promised our bro, we gave our oaths. If I don't uphold this oath, Gary can call me on it and if I don't feel he is upholding this oath, I can call him on it.

We did not promise to uphold the GOP. We promised to uphold Ron Paul's presidential bids. And as of the RNC, this promise is discharged. We have done as we promised as regards Dr. Paul and the movement. Now we move forward with the other aspects of our promise. And I like you highly doubt you will see us married to the GOP in the future.

A very long response from one old activist to another.


Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.