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There absolutely were

There absolutely were aircraft that hit the buildings.

Whether these aircraft were manned or unmanned drones is the next logical question.

I suggest the planes that hit the twin towers were drones flown remotely. Drone technology is used virtually everyday in the Middle East now, but how much talk of this technology was their pre-911?

There is a video available on youtube of the flight recordings of flight 93. It is shown that flight 93 had contact with Cleveland International Airport, and the plane made an "emergency landing" there on the morning of 911. The whole airport was evacuated and it took them hours to evacuate all of flight 93's passengers to "check for explosives."

If this flight was diverted, it is possible the others were as well and were replaced by drone aircraft.

Upon analyzing flight patterns of the planes, pilots have shown the planes to be flying hundreds of miles to the West and then looping back to the East.

For what reason were the planes diverted from the east coast? This is where I suggest the drones come into play.

As for the pentagon, it is pretty obvious that it was a cruise missile that hit it, as the pentagon is "the most secure airspace in the world", supposedly.

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