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Comment: The "flown by remote control" theory makes more sense

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The "flown by remote control" theory makes more sense

If there were bombs planted in both towers, I can't imagine the plotters would've risked one plane hitting one tower while the "hijackers" of the other plane were over-powered (or something like that). Because that would've put at-risk the possibility that one tower would be left standing with a bunch of explosives planted inside. It would seem pretty hard to cover that up. I mean, it's possible a team of compromised government agents could've removed the explosives but it seems like it would've been very risky.

Have the black boxes ever been released to the public? To my knowledge they haven't been. If not, then it's possible the pilots were complaining that they were unable to control the aircraft and it was simply steered into the towers despite everyone on that plane seeing what was about to happen. I hear your argument about the planes possibly being diverted but then what in the world happened to those passengers? (I shudder to think of that assuming your theory is correct).