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Nearly everyone initially was convinced that there were

no planes.

It would be important to keep an open mind, because a majority of people are convinced that there were no planes hitting the Pentagon or in Shanksville. So, could it be the same for the WTC?

Consider the following:

* the only 'evidence' for planes is a grouping of videos put on TV by the powerful ones who run this country
* in every other plane crash in history, there has always been wreckage (see, including crashes against buildings. There is no wreckage from 767s found anywhere in NYC on September 11
* the number of witnesses for planes in a big city like NYC is few to virtually none; hundreds more insist it was bombs but no planes
* Stanley Pramaith, the virtual sole witness, has been discredited recently for giving false information
* David Handschuh, photographer for New York Daily News, was right under WTC-2, and said there was an explosion, which he photographed, but no plane.

We are victims of mind-control and even brainwashing. Just take a careful, slow look at the video 'images' of planes; click every-so-slowly; you will see anomalies.

John Lear of the LearJet fame says there were no planes. These were, after all, basically flying aluminum shells; how could any such planes penetrate a reinforced steel building with 12-inch thick beams? In one 'image' known as nose-out, the image actually shows the nose cone (actually the image thereof) penetrating all the way through the building: an absolute physical impossibility. Add this to the fact that there was strewn (fabricated) wreckage placed under awnings on sidewalks and you have plenty of evidence of a scheme. See also September Clues. Regards in the search for truth.