Comment: Oh they will come

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Oh they will come

they have to observe, evaluate, report, define, plan, act.

They will come. The only question is how much does the game change before they do.

(edit) you know what I know. Somebody is messing with their turf, representing as to oppose their authority and they will respond and assert like big pissing dogs. They will come with SWAT, with guns, with handcuffs, they will line women and children up against the wall with their guns, they will scream obscenities and threaten our women and our children, our men will they cart to jail and some of our women with them and our children they will place in foster homes under their own agency and power.

They will make war against us hight and low, they will employ all manners of deceit and lies to do so and they will kill our faithful dogs outright. They will make war upon us, our people and our families, they will seize our houses and our properties and wealth and they will seek to imprison us for the rest of our lives, never to see the light of day or breathe free air again for they seek literally to EXTERMINATE ALL OPPOSITION TO THEIR HEGEMONY and they will never, ever stop.

This is their way. Do not be fooled.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.