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Comment: Not the weakest argument. It is the most blatant.

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Not the weakest argument. It is the most blatant.

Where are there other examples of people being murdered directly by God in the New Testament? I do not believe that there are any others. That is why this story is so blatant. God directly killed these people in the New Testament, post Jesus' resurrection. The power of God was used to kill these people directly and without mercy. In the Old Testament, this slaughter of humanity was nearly always done by men believing that they were doing God's work by rendering-out unmerciful justice in the name of the Lord. Some Old Testament examples of God killing directly without intermediaries was during Noah and the flood (God at least said that He would not do such a thing ever again.) and Sodom & Gomorrah.

Your telling me that I do not understand the Bible is condescending. So you know it better than I. You may be in too deep and cannot see the forest for the trees. You believe that your way in the only way of interpreting the changeable meanings of words. The fact that we are arguing about the Bible means that it is subjective and that it can be interpreted many different ways with no one way being the absolute correct way. Believe and accept that.