Comment: My sister is a lefty liberal

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My sister is a lefty liberal

My sister is a lefty liberal bleeding heart. Even though she is an engineer from UC Berkeley she chose to go into non profit administration because it made her feel like she is doing something good for disadvantaged people. Even as pinko as she is, she complains that the subjects of her non-profits interventions are ungrateful, unmotivated, and often downright undeserving of help. Nonetheless she hasn't come around to realizing the core prescription of the non-profits are wrong, the philosophy is misguided etc. But she has begun to reflect and wonder why it isn't working.

Maybe if people like you, who are awake, fill the positions in government and other bureaucracies, you can help guide policy toward sanity and eventual diminished and less intrusive presences. Perhaps if our people are the decision makers at power centers then there would be less hiring and growth in those industries...they could downsize and diminish in time. I understand your quandry, but perhaps it is better to have a sane person in your occupation.