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While it is true

that the Bible says that God does not wish that any should perish, and He takes no delight in condemning people to Hell, I think it is more Arminian thinking that He leaves our destinations entirely to our own choices. I think the truth is, that without His intervention, fallen man's choice would never be Him. Like I stated earlier, it is a very difficult topic to master entirely, and maybe that is because "His ways are not our ways", so it is difficult for fallen man to fully grasp the mind of God and put Him into a box, so to speak.

As far as your statement "there are only people predestined for Heaven, not Hell", where would Judas fit into this type of reasoning? Was it not always his destiny to betray our Lord, and thus condemn himself to hell? I can't imagine a scenario where God might rest the salvation of mankind on one man's choice to do or not do something. I believe Judas was destined to do what he did from before his first breath. How else do you look at that besides him being predestined to hell?

Like I stated earlier, the extreme's of both Calvinism and Arminiasm both seem to fall short somehow, and I am just now learning about Lutheran theology...I think I have much prayer, learning and study to do and God willing I will figure it out, or not...ultimately my salvation rests with Christ and the realization that I am a sinner worthy of death but through grace and faith I am saved. :)